Friday, February 18, 2011

How Jennifer Found Her Voice - By Jennifer Flaten for MamaBlogger365

Like other aspiring writers, I have to squeeze writing in between everything else I do.  Because maintaining the house and herding the kids isn't enough excitement (kidding) I work at an audio visual company two days a week. The kids are a huge encouragement (no really) they love that I have my picture and articles in the paper.... FULL STORY.

MamaBlogger 365 is 'reframing motherhood', engaging bloggers, (m)others, feminists, activists, artists and everyday women in discussions about contemporary motherhood, with a twist. How do mothers maintain their sanity? What are the issues facing mothers today? When work and home collide, how do people find ways to nurture themselves and stay strong. This is not your average marketing blog and we're not giving stuff away here - other than information and encouragement, to assist you in our authentic, passionate and empowered journey! Thank you for helping us raise awareness about the Museum Of Motherhood, and if you'd like to contribute a blog send your story about 'reframing motherhood' to:

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