Thursday, September 29, 2011

MamaBlogger365 - On the Power of Pansies by *Dr Mama* Amber Kinser

Today, I’m thinking less about gender trouble than about the weather, physical and metaphysical. I don’t know what the rest of you have been dealing with lately, but we have had, in Northeast Tennessee, the most gorgeous weather ever. Typically we move from windows closed because of the heat to windows closed because of the rain to windows closed because of the cold. But lately, wow...

Windows totally open. So total, in fact, that even my neighbors, whose very loud air conditioner/heater is right off my bedroom and is always, always, always on, have it off. So even on nights when I would leave my windows open, or days when I would sit out on my “bird porch” just off my bedroom, I am disinclined because of the rattle and hum of that stinking air conditioner, which I can hear much more clearly now that, $4500 later, the horrendous sounds coming from my own ex-air conditioner are gone. So no throwing stones at glass houses here. I have had such an unbelievably stressful month that I swear if I didn’t have the fresh air coming in my windows at home and work lately, I’d be losing it. Like really losing it. I’m actually considering losing it anyway just for good measure.

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