Sunday, October 9, 2011

MamaBlogger365 - Breastfeeding Mermaids of Bologna by Elena Skoko

Mermaids, mythology, motherhood and more... part one of a two-part mini-series by the creative and ever-fabulous Elena Skoko:

The mermaid of the Fountain of Neptune in Bologna (photo by Giovanni Dall'Orto) is the image I recall when I’m concerned about my milk supply. I visualize it vividly, my breasts start to tickle and I feel the flow reaching my nipples. I breathe a sigh of relief: everything’s fine, my baby, you’ll have enough food, as much as you need, whenever you wish.

One day, while I was living in Bologna, my friend Vlatko came to visit me. We went for a nice walk across the city ending up in Piazza del Nettuno. The city of Bologna is in shape of a star and Piazza del Nettuno is right in the middle, next to the main square. The little square is named after a fountain dominated by a massive statue of ancient god of all seas. Neptune is standing on top of a pedestal that is held by four magnificent mermaids. These mermaids are sitting on waves with their split fish tail spread. Their hands are offering abundant breasts sprinkling water from their nipples.

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