Wednesday, October 19, 2011

MamaBlogger365 - Female Band Invasion - the Journey, an excerpt, by Jax Resto

I'm at work. Excited. Today I will meet my first mom rocker hopeful. I found her on Bandmix and we are meeting this afternoon at my office. The only thing that would excite me more is if she played guitar or bass. She doesn't. She is a vocalist, but I am excited nonetheless.

I sit cross-legged on one of the green fabric reception chairs in the waiting area, playing paradiddles on the chair arm with my drumsticks. A year ago when I needed an office in a hurry, I jumped at the offer to rent a room from my friend Matt in his electronics store. It's a bit unconventional for a massage therapy practice, but since I spent my first round of twenties as a circus aerialist, and I'm spending my second round as a drummer in a rock band, I'm thinking “unconventional” is my middle name.

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