Friday, November 4, 2011

MamaBlogger365 - Q&A with a Psychologist: What’s Up With Motherhood? An interview with Jessica Zucker, Ph.D. with Hollee Schwartz Temple, The New Perfect

Jessica Zucker is a L.A.-based psychologist who specializes in women's heath, especially transitions in motherhood. She'll be one of the featured panelists at the Museum of Motherhood's Mindful Mothering conference, Monday, November 7. There's still time to register! Click here for more info.

Why are moms so competitive with each other?

Jessica Zucker, Ph.D.: Culture sets up a troubling dynamic between women – mothers or not. Comparing ourselves to one another is a mainstay embedded in the fabric of cultural confusion and promotes separation rather than connection. Motherhood seems to stir profound insecurities for women as they traverse the simultaneously joyous, daunting, rewarding, and vulnerable journey that is parenthood. Women are often stymied by the overwhelming amount of time and energy parenting requires, leaving little room for pre-motherhood activities. Most people aren’t forthcoming about how anxious they feel, how isolating mothering can be, or how fulfilling it is to love a little person in such an inexplicable way. Competitiveness bubbles below the surface from pre-conception onward. Painfully insecure moments pool in the psyches of mothers as they contemplate a million tiny and meaningful decisions and feelings throughout the day.

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Dr. Jessica Zucker will be a featured speaker at the Museum of Motherhood's Mindful Mothering day conference on Monday, Nov. 7, 2011; visit to register!

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This interview was originally published by The New Perfect.

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