Sunday, December 18, 2011

MamaBlogger365 - The Journey, an exerpt by Jax Resto

When we last heard from Jax Resto: "I imagine the possibilities of being in a band with my big brother. I'd gladly ditch the “all-female” theme for a brother/sister one...."

I sleep on the idea of scrapping my all-female band idea for two strong moms and a couple of dudes, and awake to an inbox flooded with responses to our ad for a bass and guitar player. Not a female in the bunch; only men who want to work with two chicks. The next day we meet with a male bass player named Robert at a Starbucks in Venice. After two hours of talking like we're old friends, I'm feeling pretty good about our band situation. If my brother agrees to be our guitarist, Robert would be the last piece to our HERA puzzle.

The moment Robert is out of earshot, Raven perforates my happy little bubble. “He's just not Hera material,” she says with conviction. And I realize that Hera has taken on a life of her own, despite the fact that we're not even a real band yet.

Any existing remnants of my bubble dissolve completely when my brother tells me later that day that he doesn't want to be in the band, adding that he doesn't like the new song we worked on together—the one Raven made all her changes to. So I tell myself that it's Raven's modified version he doesn't like. Or maybe just Raven. “Okay. No problem,” I say with a smile, my heart slightly breaking on the inside. But rather than pursue the topic, I'm already planning my next move, which sadly won't include a brother sister act.

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