Wednesday, January 11, 2012

MamaBlogger365: "Scientific Studies" in Effective Communication (or lack-thereof) by Kate Fineske

Ladies and gentlemen...
The Captain is speaking!
Except that he's not…

You never realize how important communication is,
until you can't communicate with someone.

And my youngest (although he understands every word that I say to him) is not quite able to communicate verbally yet.

Physically he communicates: He smiles at appropriate times, he laughs when he finds something is funny, and he has many effective gestures that help such as:
  • All done! = Arms go up (or if he's in a foul mood the sippy cup gets thrown)
  • I want that! = Points to what he wants, along with tapping me on the leg
  • I'm mad! = Just a look (every mom knows that look!) followed by a very loud screech
Except, the bottom line is: Although my son can often effectively physically communicate, he hasn't quite started consistently verbalizing. And it reminds me over and over (and over!) how important effective communication is.

Because I can FEEL his communication frustrations.

No! That's not what I meant!

When you can't communicate properly it is FRUSTRATING both for the child and the parent!

And on the flip side, often I find that - like my youngest son - I have my own communication issues.

When it comes to my personal communication as a mom with my own friends and family - I've often found that I lack a good, solid communication technique.

I've discovered many scientific theories and hypotheses as to why I have problems appropriately communicating as a mother and adult...

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