Tuesday, February 28, 2012

MamaBlogger365 - Cross Roads, a Thin Threads excerpt

We are so pleased to welcome regular excerpts from Stacey Battat and Kiwi Publishing, home of the Thin Threads series of books. Want to know more? Visit www.thinthreads.com for more story samples or to buy the book!

A wise Jewish sage said – “change one person and you change the world.” Over the last five years I have collected real stories for more than ten editions of Thin Threads: Stories of Life Changing Moments, and each of these stories makes me reflect on how a seemingly random interaction can forever change a person.

As mothers, we are offered many chances to meet and embrace our own and others’ children, and we have the power to make a life-altering difference at any one moment in time. By taking the time to listen, encourage and hug a child in need, we change her/his world in ways that we cannot even envision. Here is an excerpt from our anthology that demonstrates this beautifully. Even on cold winter days in Chicago, one woman took advantage of moments each day to impact children at the ‘crossroads’ of their lives:

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