Saturday, February 11, 2012

MamaBlogger365 - The Journey, an excerpt, part 6 - by Jax Resto

Two days after talking with local celebrity guitarist Jeri Jay on the phone, I can't get his hot pink MySpace page out of my head... or his request to audition for my girl band. I send Raven a text about considering it. She thinks I'm joking. Since we're still short a bass player, I don't pursue the issue.

I haven't quite gotten over losing our bass player of 2 hours to Jesus. I think about Chelsea's parting words over the phone. “I'll pray for you to find a bass player.”

My phone vibrates. I think it's Raven, but it's a number I don't recognize. I answer.

The caller says, “Hi. My name is Sam. I'm a friend of Micky's. She said you were looking for a bass player for your new band.”

Though I know better than to let myself get too excited, I can't help it. Sam is short for Samantha.

Thursday evening, Raven and I are sitting in a booth at a local English pub waiting anxiously to meet Sam. I sit facing the front door, so I can watch Sam's entrance. The day we interviewed guitarist Micky at Starbucks, she described Sam as tall, blonde, and gorgeous. Even if Micky was exaggerating, the half hour conversation I had with Sam last night over the phone practically has me sold... not to mention the fact that she's female.

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