Thursday, March 1, 2012

MamaBlogger365 - Curses by *Dr Mama* Amber Kinser

I had a friend ask me recently about cursing. Specifically, she asked about talking with very young children about the use of curse words.* I suggested to her that I may not be a good person to offer advice on that topic, caring as little as I do about swearing. I imagine, though, that my track record rather suggests the contrary; a casual observer might conclude that I care enormously about it, based on the evidence I provide on any given day.

My mother, as I’ve written before, exasperated with me many years ago (I don’t mean to suggest she’s not been exasperated with me since; she certainly has) for flinging one profane term or another into the conversation, said something to the effect of “Amber! Honestly! I would think that anyone with as much education as you’ve got could come up with some other word to say!” My response was that one of the things I learned with all that education is that there are some situations in which only certain words will do. I can’t help if my life is full of those situations. Profanity is situational; what can I say. And rhetorical....

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BIO: Dr. Mama (Amber Kinser) is a writer, feminist mother, professor, and speaker who lives in Tennessee. Check her out on Facebook, follow her on Twitter @DrMamaWit, and see her webpage. Kinser writes for the MamaBlogger365 series each Thursday at the Museum Of Motherhood, Mamapalooza and Mamazina Magazine.

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