Monday, March 12, 2012

MamaBlogger365 - Spring, Motherhood & Friendships by Stacey Battat

We are so pleased to welcome regular excerpts from Stacey Battat and Kiwi Publishing, home of the Thin Threads series of books. Want to know more? Visit for more story samples or to buy the book!

There are days when we are truly present, and can breathe deeply and take in the beauty of the moment. We must seek out more of those moments to enrich our lives as well as all of our relationships! We have been given that “spring-like” gift this week in the North East (little though do we truly know about long-term repercussions).

Our Thin Threads of Moms & Grandma books are stories about drinking in the moments we love and recognize the small connections that ARE fresh and beautiful about motherhood!

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Submitted by Stacey Battat, Creator of the Thin Threads Book Series,

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