Sunday, November 4, 2012

Afraid of the F-word?

Exploring a Modern Perspective of a Pro-Feminist Male
Feminism is something that has been defined in various ways throughout herstory. Since the “first wave” feminists in the early nineteenth century, women have continued to open so many doors, redefine their societal role, and created a place and identity for themselves in the world. Patriarchy is considered an “old-school” term today- men have been given a run for their money as women make their way up the ranks in the working world. Living in the 21st century, women are finding their own identities, working in a field they love, practicing the always spectacular balancing act of work and raising family. Yes, we have the women of the early nineteenth century to thank for getting the ball rolling for the feminist movement…but fast forward a century- can a man today be considered a feminist? Read Full Post.

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