Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Motherhood Hall of Fame & CFP Spring Conference, 2014

MAKING MOTHERHOOD VISIBLE; (Re-Writing Narratives of Contemporary Mothers


March 6-8 NYC, USA
Keynote Speaker: Andrea O’Reilly
Deadline for Submissions: November 15, 2013
Drawing on Andrea O’Reilly’s and Barbara Katz Rothman’s notions of patriarchal motherhood, the Museum of Motherhood asks, what factors, past and present, inform our new ways of understanding motherhood, fatherhood, and notions of family? The conference organizers encourage submissions that provide critical insights into mothering, fathering, and family issues; that draw direct links between theories and/or research findings; or that offer practical approaches to issues facing contemporary mothers and families. Following in the footsteps of both O’Reilly and Rothman, the overarching goal of this conference is to provide an environment to explore new ideas and approaches for tackling issues that concern mothers as well as important others who fill a care giving role in the family.
Here, examples of possible topics include but are not limited to: feminist mothering à la O’Reilly, including fathering and re-thinking masculinity and queering motherhood; the shaping of mothering by patriarchy, technology, and capitalism à la Rothman; the impacts of race, class, and gender on mothering ideology; adoptive mothers; teenage pregnancies and early motherhood; the “stay-at-home-mom” experience; and mother art and maternal metaphors. MORE



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