Monday, July 13, 2015


A woman whose TED talk on authenticity was viewed 20 million times; a breast cancer survivor who left her career to create bathing suits with integrated prostheses; a raw food expert who saw a need for healthy airport food and did something about it; a woman who dedicates her life to speech therapy for the facially disfigured and a super model who believes Every Mother Counts and fights for worldwide maternal health. 
These are just a sampling of the extraordinary women whose essays and portraits are captured in the PRIME book. The search for engaged and passionate women started simply enough with friends and associates, but quickly expanded as many referred other inspirational woman creating a chain of connections that spread worldwide. The beauty of this organic selection process is that, from start to finish, the women of PRIME are inextricably linked. Support this project by clicking on the kickstarter campaign link
Also featured in the book is Mamapalooza and Museum of Motherhood founder, Martha Joy Rose. See her new Wikipedia page here.

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