Tuesday, August 25, 2015

W o r d s   o f   L o v e   E x h i b i t

“Unlike traditional art, the ‘Art Of Motherhood’ is formed amidst the chaos of family, between folds of time, directly impacted by the forces of creation itself.” ~ MJR

We are inviting you to become involved in this international exchange of ideas and text. The Museum of Motherhood is thrilled to collaborate in the 2015 Biennale of Contemporary Art. Won’t you or your organization become involved too? Add your name to this growing list of participants by sending us your “Words of Love.” This is an international collaboration celebrating the art of motherhood as it manifests through daily love and labor. Our aim for this exhibit is to share words of love across time and space. Together we help to establish a planet that honors all people and invites peace, safety, and harmony. Become involved by writing us at MAMAvoices@gmail.com. Or, share this information with your synagogue, arts group, or friends.

Healing “Words of Love” to be shared via our Twitter account: by emailing your words of love to us at MAMAvoices@gmail.com or by tweeting to @MAMAvoices #WordsOfLove
Please lend your voices to this international exchange and consider donating to our IndieGoGo page.

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