Friday, July 8, 2011

MamaBlogger365 - Pool Privileges by Kimberly Dark

As I sit writing this column, I have just finished teaching a creativity workshop at a gay-popular retreat. I’ve taught here fairly often over the years. Kalani Honua is not all gay, of course, though the pretty bronzed men parading around the pool naked do seem to be a fixture.

But not today....

There aren’t many places a person can go to witness queer parents congregating en masse. We’re pretty isolated – except in some big cities where support groups and children’s play groups are popping up. When my son was small, a group of parents started a Children’s Garden at the San Diego Pride festival. At first it was cool, and then I wondered what we were doing – other than our sexual orientation (which also varies widely within the category: queer) we don’t have much in common as people and as parents.

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Photo credit: Water by Anna Cervova

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