Sunday, August 14, 2011

MamaBlogger365 - Learning To Live, A Journey to Authenticity by Elle Gallo

The Introduction

I talk to angels. I record detailed conversations with Spirit Guides and with my Inner Being. I’ve been at it for about 15 years now. I’ve learned to follow signs, trust my instincts, and expect miracles. Nothing could have prepared me for the warnings, messages, lessons, exercises and now, the emerging physical manifestations of 2010’s conversations.

There’s this one particular angel -- we met officially on my 39th birthday, in January 2010. She re-introduced me to my personal power when, after a Goddess-inspired, intentional and purposeful miracle-making and prayerful weekend with my two soul-sisters, I stopped a driving rain in an instant. Thank Goddess there was another person who witnessed the event, because I can still easily convince myself that it was all in my imagination! Although I sensed Her, and felt Her presence presiding over everything we did during that memorable birthday weekend, when the rain stopped on my demand I heard Her voice as I hear my phone ring. She spoke clearly and I saw through a thin veil her long golden-streaked red locks falling over my shoulder. She laughed at my shock and with an all-knowing smile, lovingly instructed: "Don’t abuse it..."

Since that weekend I have heard her, seen her, and felt her on a number of occasions, but the really mind-blowing, life-changing stuff started again on a fateful family vacation to Bar Harbor in late August.

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Photo courtesy: Lady In The Water by Robert Kraft

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