Friday, August 26, 2011

MamaBlogger365 - The Midnight Pony by Lowry Manders

{Here's a "blast from my past" journal entry from my summer from hell! It was July of 2009, and I was new to being a Mommy of 2 kids. I was sleep-deprived with a colicky newborn baby girl, a busy 2-year-old boy, a mostly-absent husband finishing OB/Gyn residency, I was trying to hold myself together enough to keep teaching and keep sane, and we were going stir-crazy in our messy, crowded little apartment. Here's a "night" in the life. And let me say, for the record, to all those other overwhelmed mommies in the throes of caring for more than one child in diapers..."IT... GETS... BETTER." Slow down, take a deep breath, and take in those words of hope. You will get through this.}

So, why does it seem that our children can sense those nights that we desperately NEED a good night’s sleep, and plot to foil our slumber schedules? It was the night before a long road trip with my 2-year-old Michael James and 2-month-old Ellie, a road trip without Daddy. It was the night following an exhausting day of parenting and teaching, one of those nights your head finally hits the pillow like a brick and your bed just sucks you into oblivion. And it was a night that Daddy was working at the hospital, which meant no snoring, and I get the whole bed to myself! (I secretly look forward to these nights when I can use all the pillows - even my husband’s darling “Laura” Ashley pillow - and victoriously spread out like a starfish claiming the bed as “mine, all mine!”)

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