Monday, September 12, 2011

MamaBlogger365 - In Honor of Heroes by Shira Adler, Diva Mama

On an impossibly perfect early September Monday ten years ago, the lives of all Americans were marred by a shocking display of evil perpetrated by fanatics, igniting a war on terror that still rages today. I can still remember that fateful day as though it were yesterday. But it wasnʼt yesterday, it was a decade ago...

My daughter was eight months old, and all I could do was watch the news in horror, hugging and rocking my baby girl in my arms, tears falling helplessly on her Classic Pooh-themed Onesie.

But today, as we remember our fallen brothers and sisters, I am reminded that we can find todayʼs heroes in the most unlikely of places; yes, the world is still full of them, and sometimes you donʼt have to look far to find them.

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