Friday, October 14, 2011

MamaBlogger365 - About Life: What I've Learned from My Mother by Elle Gallo

What I've learned from my Mother

It wasn't so much her words or instructions that taught me, but her example.

The struggles we face in each chapter of life and the methods we develop to overcome them prepare us for the obstacles that lay in the next…our destiny, our journey, and our legacy are unique, our own. Own it. No blame, just value.

Mom never had it easy. The middle of 7 children born into an alcoholic family, she developed a strong sense of responsibility, self-sacrifice, resourcefulness and survival right out of the gate. She could have easily blamed her parents for what she went through as a child, but she never did. The characteristics that she acquired through her experiences served her well as she became a mother and wife at 21, and her deep love and respect for her own Mother who had persevered and successfully overcome her addictions and then became her Rock as she struggled with 3 babies, no money, and her own alcoholic husband....

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