Sunday, October 16, 2011

MamaBlogger365 - Breastfeeding Mermaids of Bologna, part 2 by Elena Skoko

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This scene reminds me of a teenage mother who came to visit me in Bologna with my sister on their graduation trip. She was seventeen and already a mother of a toddler. Her graduation trip was one of the few occasions she could still enjoy as a simple teenager. I was so moved by seeing her spending her week of freedom lying on the couch in front of our big TV. She had all my sympathy. During one of her few escapades outside the idle zone, she went with my sister and my sister’s boyfriend on a public bus. There was an old grumpy couple somewhere in front of them. “Bet I can sprinkle them with my milk right in the face!”, the teenage mother challenged playfully. She pulled out her breast, squeezed it and centered the old man right on the spot in a few meters distance without the victim noticing where it came from. I found the gesture hilarious. The mermaids of the Fountain of Neptune reminded me of her ever since.

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Photo by Patrick Clenet

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