Thursday, November 10, 2011

MamaBlogger365 - A Beautiful Life Despite Self-Doubt by *Dr Mama* Amber Kinser

I’ve had a few conversations lately about self-doubt. And by that I mean I’ve had a few conversations out loud, and with other people, lately. I actually have conversations on a regular basis with myself about it. And I’ve been thinking about how we trouble ourselves so with it, pay so much attention to it, give it way more credence than it deserves.

Now, I say “we” here, but I don’t necessarily mean you. I guess I mean lots of people, but maybe you aren’t one of them; maybe you aren’t plagued by self-doubt, or have learned to wrestle it to the ground. I rather hope you aren’t and you have, so you can reply to this post and tell us your secret. From what I’ve been observing though, plenty of people struggle with doubt, and plenty of mothers among them.

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