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MamaBlogger365 - Holiday Memories: “Kitty” and Grandmothers by Donna Scrima-Black

Excerpt from MommyBest: 13 Inspirational Lessons... Lesson + Memoir + Reader Reflection = Ways to be your MommyBest!

Very rapidly, mothers ripen into glorious grandmothers who leave indelible imprints on both their children’s and their grandchildren’s lives.

I gleefully watch from the sidelines, letting “Granny Lynn” become mere putty in my children’s tiny, adoring hands. As she spoils my sons. I often tease and question why I didn’t get this “VIP treatment” while I was growing-up?

I believe one of Life’s great blessings is: A grandma who always has an extra stash of cookies she dotingly saves, eagerly awaiting her grandchildren’s visits. Be prepared to see your own mother transform into a grandmother and journey with your children in wondrous ways!

Holiday Memories
“Kitty” and Grandmothers

My mother, now in her sixties, loves being a grandma. After hundreds of requests from my children, she recently agreed to stay overnight. My toddler sons were so excited to have their “Grandma Lynn” to themselves so she could play with them, and especially, read a bedtime story. They heartily laughed when my mother was unable to decipher some of the words without her reading glasses on. Both boys eagerly found her spectacles after digging like dogs through her immense and cluttered purse.

But, the biggest hysteria came when they saw their grandma clad in her brightly colored, ruffled pajamas—accented by my father’s black socks. After lots more giggling and snuggling, Grandma tucked them in with a promise of “more fun tomorrow.”

I was awakened very early the next morning by the sounds of scurrying footsteps and loud whispers — which are my spirited children’s attempts to be “quiet.” I went to see what all the commotion was and found my two sons hanging over our guest bed, their heads downward, pressed very close to my mother’s face. Their hands were covering their mouths, in an attempt to contain their laughter. Grandma Lynn was making a good amount of noise snoring, although she calls it “heavy breathing.” Her eyes were half-open—until she jolted up when I joined my sons in their amusement.

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