Monday, January 16, 2012

MamaBlogger365 - Eat, Drink, Be Mommy at the Museum of Motherhood

JOIN US for another "Eat, Drink, Be Mommy" event at the Museum Of Motherhood this Friday, January 20th, 4-6PM. We'll be sharing great conversations, toasting a few and of course, we are toddler-friendly, so bring your baby along! Our last event was a holiday fundraiser, that included photography by Erin Silber. Read more about Erin's story here:

Photography and motherhood have been very much intertwined for me. For decades, I had been an avid photographer.... documenting my life adventures and my time with friends & family. When I became a mother, I turned the lens onto my two boys and our lives together. What has been fantastic about photography is that it captures the moment... it puts the endless tasks aside and it simply captures the beautiful second by second moments in your child's life.

Photography allows me to step out of all the doing (cleaning the dishes, folding the laundry, picking up the toys) and I get to connect and to really see what my child is doing.... whether he is desperately trying to put on his sock when he is only 18 months old, whether he is building a block tower to then quickly destroy, whether he is building a Lego city, whether he is joyful, sloppily eating spaghetti, whether he is having an all-body tantrum and more.

Children do everything and react to everything in their lives with such pure honesty. It is really beautiful to witness. Documenting my child's transformation from his helpless newborn state to a fully functional member of my family has been astounding. We, as adults, are so busy with our lives that these significant milestones easily pass us by. Slowing down time and really seeing these little moments as they really are has been a miraculous gift.

Photography has enabled me to celebrate my children's little moments, to consciously create and document new moments with them (dancing in our living room together on New Year's Eve, pumpkin-picking, ice-skating, skiing, camping), to capture these beautiful moments for other families in my Erin Silber Photography business ( and, most importantly, to build a photography legacy for future generations.

My grandchildren and great-grandchildren will look at the images I created and they will learn what my family is about: love, fun, connected-ness and having adventurous experiences together.

I want to thank Joy Rose for including me in the Museum of Motherhood's 1st Eat, Drink and Be Mommy FUNdraiser. It was an honor to meet the other moms and kids during the event and to photograph all the fun. Check out some of the highlights here and please visit to see more.

Erin Silber Portrait


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