Sunday, March 4, 2012

MamaBlogger365 - The Daily Tattle Battle by Kate Fineske

News Flash!

We are interrupting your regularly scheduled programming to bring you breaking news!

Reporting to you LIVE from the top of the stairs is… my middle child – here to tell you all about …

How-it-wasn't-fair …
How-it's-"JUST-NOT-FAIR-mom! She-WON'T-let-me-into-her-room!"

Or, whatever else my middle child might have said… because, if I've heard it once, I've heard it a thousand times - the big "headline" story, straight from the tattler's mouth.

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This post has been contributed on behalf of The National Association of Mothers Centers, whose mission is to create a community of women, who through mutual support and public advocacy, explore, enrich and value the maternal experience.

The post author, Kate Fineske, currently is a staff member with the National Association of Mothers' Centers where she maintains and provides the content to the Mothers Central Blog - the Parenting Blog of the NAMC. She is also responsible for helping the NAMC work to build stronger connections and support with the local Mothers’ Center Chapters nationally.

Kate is a longtime member of the National Association of Mothers' Centers through her local chapter of the Mothers' Center of Greater Toledo in Ohio. She and her husband are busy raising 3 children ages 1-8. Kate's professional background is as a graphic designer in the creative and education industry. Since 2005, she has been using her professional skills by actively volunteering with the Mothers' Center of Greater Toledo in various leadership positions. She also blogs personally at

You can connect with Kate via Twitter (@katefineske) and/or also connect with the NAMC via twitter (@MothersCenters) or Facebook.

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