Sunday, September 30, 2012

Museum Of Motherhood Launches Student-Run Internet TV Show

Raise your voice at the M.O.M on Wednesday October 3, 2012!

M.O.M is ecstatic to announce the launch of the Women’s Family Network, hosted at the Museum Of Motherhood. Our first presentation will be a progressive and open discussion on the controversial topic of the revolution of feminism!

TIME: Wed. Oct. 3rd 4:15 – 5:30PM
WHERE: Museum Of Motherhood & The Worldwide Web

We will be addressing Jennifer Homan’s recent New York Times review of the controversial book The End of Men and The Rise of Women, by Hanna Rosin.

“Men are losing their grip, patriarchy is crumbling and we are reaching “the end of 200,000 years of human history and the beginning of a new era” in which women — and womanly skills and traits — are on the rise?"

What do we think about this as 'feminists’? Is this 'good'? What does this mean for our fathers, brothers and sons? What does this mean for women and the world? What about recent stats from MomsRising, Working Mother Magazine and ‘Half The Sky’ authors, that say women still lag woefully behind in salaries and more?

Share your own opinions. Hear from others! Every voice matters.

Join our new student-run Internet TV program on alternating Wednesdays for discussion groups hosted by M.O.M., featuring blogs, websiodes and roundtables.

Topics include, but are not limited to: Motherhood, feminism, gender studies, women's studies, women in the media, book reviews, hot topics & trends, the multicultural family & global perspectives.

Discussion and webisode taping is between 4:30-5:30PM- Please arrive 4:15PM
401 East 84th St. (Between 1st & York/Lower level) NYC
PH: Front Desk 212.452.9816 I 877.711.MOMS (6667) I

Submission ideas or RSVP to participate to: Attn: Kat Merry cc:
                                                - Informing and Inspiring Lives! -

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