Friday, August 12, 2011

MamaBlogger365 - They Grow Up So Quickly by Lowry Manders

Welcome to MamaBlogger365's newest biweekly contributor, Lowry Manders!

I am a parent and music teacher, a teacher of parents, a child development expert, a writer and blogger. I feel I have valuable ideas to share, funny stories from my own parenting adventures, and hopefully, thoughtful reflections that will speak to YOU as a struggling mommy, because we’re all in this together! My mission is helping families to MAKE CONNECTIONS: connections in little growing brains and emotional connections that will last a lifetime, giving young children the foundations they need to achieve their full potential, even while creating more meaningful moments for parents with their kids. I created “Parent with Purpose” classes and to share practical and inspirational ideas with fellow sojourners on this important path, and to help us all to feel connected to that best parent within us.

You are invited to join Mommy Manders and "Wee Volunteer" for "Good Deeds Week", Aug. 13th-Aug. 20th, 2011. Lots of great ideas for giving back with your little ones! Check out how you can participate anytime, anywhere.


What I know for sure... "They grow up so quickly!" "They grow up too fast...", "Time flies...", "Enjoy every moment..." - (Fill in the common aphorism about growing children, and you get the gist.)

As parents, we hear some form of this message all the time from those who've been there, done that, paved the way. And we usually nod and smile, then get back to the busy, sticky, exhausting business of parenting - "Wash your hands after you rub them all over the toilet seat...", "Sit, don't dance in the chair...", "Use your fork for the beans, not your fingers...", "Don't put ketchup on your sister's head." Are these the moments we're supposed to enjoy?

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