Saturday, October 29, 2011

MamaBlogger365 - Motherhood's Liminal Space by Catherine Childress

This summer is the first in three that I have been completely free of college classes and homework. Although I have chosen never to attend traditional summer classes, opting instead to be home with the kiddos, I have taken online classes which is quite time consuming.

The end of May found me counting down days until the kids were home from school so we could enjoy summer totally unencumbered by schedules - theirs or mine. I looked forward to all the things we would do together, recreating memories of summers past when I followed behind their bikes to the empty high school parking lot, perfect for riding to their heart's content, sitting by the community pool while they played in shallow water with their friends, and afternoons at the park.

Here in August, kids back in school, graduate school swiftly approaching, I reflect back on a summer which turned out quite different than I expected.

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