Friday, October 28, 2011

MamaBlogger365 - PBS's 'This Emotional Life': The Politics of Postpartum Bodies by Dr. Jessica Zucker, Ph.D.

A close friend of mine from graduate school was in town over the weekend, someone I hadn't seen since I was mid-way through my pregnancy. As we briskly walked toward each other, arms outstretched, brimming with wild enthusiasm about our long overdue rendezvous, Amalia blurts out from across the toddler trafficked park, "Oh my God, look at you, you don't even look like you had a baby! You're smaller than you were before."

I wasn't sure how I felt as we hugged, in the midst of awkwardly digesting her jubilant albeit off the cuff comment about the apparent erasure of my pregnancy. The embrace was cut short as she gently pushed me back to scan every inch of my postpartum body, unable to contain her energized description of how "little" I look, how "tiny" I am -- spilling with words she defines as every woman's dream. Or more to the point, every woman's goal.

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