Saturday, October 22, 2011

MamaBlogger365 - United in Stubbornness by Loren Christie

When my husband and I were engaged people gave me a lot of advice.

In 1999, three days before my wedding, a friend helpfully warned me about the pitfalls of marriage in a hushed tone. We were sitting at table tucked in a dark corner at the Half Penny Pub in Bay Shore.

"You know those things about him you absolutely love, those little 'quirks?' After you're married you will hate those things," she whispered.

I cringed, listing my husband’s quirks in my head, and my own, for that matter, because they are frighteningly similar. The worst one is his stubbornness. We are exactly matched in this area. Sometimes this shared trait is a very powerful asset, IF we're on the same team, so to speak. However, if we are fighting, well, then it makes for a very ugly encounter. (I'm talking Star Wars battle-caliber face-offs over the most ridiculous things.) Usually, I win (because he is kinder than I and apologizes like a sorry puppy). Sometimes, I just give up out of pure exhaustion. Then there are days when I use his stubbornness against him to manipulate him into doing me a favor. Some people think that’s cruel. I respectfully disagree; it’s genius.

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