Friday, February 3, 2012

MamaBlogger365 - Give Sorrow Words by Patti Ashley, Ph.D.

February 4th will mark the 42nd anniversary of my father's death. Every year on that day, I remember the morning I awoke to the excitement of a rare event in Virginia Beach, Virginia -- snow, and then I heard the sound of my mother's voice saying "Patti, put your robe on and come downstairs."

I remember sitting at the kitchen table a short while later and being told to eat a piece of toast. I can still see that piece of toast on the plate and feel the lump in my throat that was refusing to allow the bread to pass through it. I went back to school within a week, and I recall a daze that fell over me, as I walked into a familiar setting feeling completely out of place.

I continued on with my life as I was told to do, somewhat removed from the "normal" adolescent dramas of playground fights and lost lunch money. My life seemed very different from my peers'. I wondered often why no one would talk to me about this loss. What is it really like to lose a father at the age of eleven and how does a child cope with that type of grief?

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